Open Book | Directions, Parking, and Hours
Open Book is located at 1011 Washington Avenue South in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Get directions, parking information, and hours.
Open Book is located at 1011 Washington Avenue South in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Open Book
is located at

1011 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota

(612) 215-2650


Free parking is first come, first served in the Open Book lot on the east side of the building. Other options include meters along 10th, 11th, and Washington Avenues and 3rd Street South; the Riverfront Municipal Ramp (212 9th Avenue South); and the Mill Quarter Ramp (711 2nd Street South).


Open Book is fully accessible with handicap parking, handicap accessible bathrooms, elevators to all floors, and other services available as requested. Please contact Open Book if you have any questions regarding accessibility.


Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm
Tenants' hours may vary.
Open Book is located at 1011 Washington Avenue South in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Open Book Turns 10

Just a decade ago, Open Book opened its doors as the first literary and book arts center of its kind in the nation. Since then, the creative energy of the building has not only attracted readers, writers, artists, and passersby to explore the space and see what the tenant literary organizations have to offer, but Open Book has also spurred the rapid development of a once-run-down neighborhood. Learn more about 10 inspiring years devoted to the book, covered by local Minnesota presses.



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Lesson Plan
Students will write a five-sentence paragraph with a topic sentence, three supporting points, and a closing.

Write a paragraph about Open Book. Your topic sentence should list three things you like about Open Book. Each supporting sentence will explain why. End with a sentence about when you plan to visit next.

Open Book Supports Teachers and Mentors

Whether you'd like to expand your curriculum, encourage your students to explore their passion for the literary and book arts, or get involved yourself, literary organizations at Open Book can help.

Teach Book Arts

Minnesota Center for Book Arts engages tens of thousands of schoolchildren each year, in our studios at Open Book and in classrooms across the state. Flexible lesson plans and knowledgeable staff allow you to integrate book arts with your existing curriculum, offering a mix of direct instruction and individual creative expression. Also check out Minnesota Center for Book Arts workshops designed specifically for teachers and lead your students in your own book arts activities and techniques.

Foster a Love of Writing

Be a part of a growing, nurturing literary community at The Loft Literary Center. Take a class, sign up for a writing festival, or attend a reading to hone your artistic talents and meet others in the field. The Loft Literary Center also offers a range of classes, workshops, and events for young and young adult readers and writers. Encourage your students to expand their love of language arts outside of their day-to-day classroom activities.

Expand Your Reading List

Publishing 16 to 20 original titles each year, Milkweed Editions also offers classroom materials for teachers, including reading guides, complimentary exam copies for course planning, or complimentary desk copies of books you already use in your class. Also learn about the Alliance for Reading program, focused on cultivating a love of reading in underserved Minnesota schools through author visits, in-class book clubs, and the Read, Explore, Create program.